Reviews for Jodi Hildebrandt and Connexions Classroom

Reviews gathered from the internet about the content of and results of Jodi Hildebrandt’s counseling and Connexions Classroom.

Jodi and her program seemed to have a heavy LDS influence, which aligned with my beliefs. After a while of fully buying in, and after a ton of money, something didn’t feel right. In the LDS Church General Handbook online. Read about Self-Awareness Groups. 38.7.11. The shoe fits. As with others, Jodi and her program had done more harm than good for me. Very extreme and shame based. Wolf in sheeps clothing. Maybe it has helped others, but it took me years to recover. My greatest act of “Self-Love” was to get out. As a single man, it was heartbreaking to see so many married men in my group kicked out of their homes at Jodi’s encouragement. My life has been better than ever after recovering from the damage caused by Jodi and her program. I found one of the many wonderful counseling options out there and beat my demons and have never been happier.

James Swenson – 3 months ago

Jodi Hildebrandt is a FARCE. Her therapy will warp you into believing you inherited shame and a pocketful of insecurities that are inherent to the human race likely due to poor parenting. She likes to lay blame on others, separate her clients from their family, and rake in multiple therapy sessions by her self prescribed theory of thought that is baseless.

Anonymous – 6 months ago

My wife and I took Jodi’s 101 class, which really resonated with me, I loved learning and a new perspective on relationships was exciting. In addition to the class, my wife and I met with Jodi individually and attended group. Jodi seemed to have the answer for so many social ills in how she talks about shame and her bold condemnation of lust and victim.

It’s been several years since then and I still talk frequently to other men who have found Jodi and are seeking recovery from addiction or are learning how to connect with others. I wish I could say I still have great feelings for the way she approaches therapy; however, I do not.

I think the 101 class and most of the older podcasts are great. I recommend those for anyone seeking to better understand themselves and connection. The principles taught there along with some common sense and a lot of love have been a huge blessing to me and my wife. Jodi is a great teacher in that respect.

On the other hand, I would not go again nor recommend anyone else see Jodi for individual or group therapy. I firmly believe seeing her for therapy is more damaging to connection than helpful.

Connection is taught in the 101 classroom, though when I first started group, I quickly realized those classroom principles are not followed in group and individual appointments with Jodi. This was quite confusing. I wondered things like “Why is Jodi sure my bishop has a lust addiction – isn’t that making up a story?” or “Why doesn’t Jodi clean up her control or irresponsibility, though she demands that of us?” “Why is Jodi’s feedback sometimes inconsistent or contradictory?” “Why are people offering feedback without first making sure this individual feels validated?” I sought answers from others and Jodi around questions like these; some answers appeased me, other questions were simply dismissed. To my detriment I chose to ignore pieces of information that seemed to conflict with principles taught in the class – I believed that Jodi knew what she was doing. That was my mistake.

The dilemma I have come to see is that all of us come to therapy somewhat broken emotionally—we’re looking for a way out and are not sure what not-broken looks like. So in the absence of any other model, individuals understandably try to apply the model demonstrated in Jodi’s office into their personal relationships.

This is where tragedy strikes because the way Jodi shows up in her office does not follow the same principles of connection she ironically teaches in the classroom, and following her example in personal close relationships does not and will not result in consistent connection.

Sadly due to this and so many other issues I wish I had space to name here, the fruit of therapy with Jodi very rarely results in a connected couple.

The following are some of what I see as the fruits of meeting with Jodi: Many of the men develop paralyzing fears of lust, of being irresponsible, and of Jodi herself. This is compounded by Jodi questioning their wives about how long they are going to put up with such behavior. The women develop fears of not doing it right or in truth, fear of what other women in group or Jodi will say about their behavior, and fear of enabling. Men are frequently booted from their homes by their wives in the spirit of not enabling lust or victim. LDS bishops are rebuked by women who believe they are enabling their husbands and living in lust themselves.

Another major fruit is divorce. Ten couples I have come to know personally divorced after therapy with Jodi. For other couples, the most frequent result seems to be a hard marriage where couples are good at identifying victim. In addition to my wife and me, I know of only a small handful of couples who from my perspective have come through with their marriage intact and are really ‘connecting’, in spite of therapy with Jodi. That is a tragedy.

Please, save your marriage, do not travel this road.

Blue Ocean – a year ago

I have close friends and family that have seen Jodi for years. Per their suggestion, I set up an appointment with her. I have never been more uncomfortable in my life during a therapy session. I was so disgusted by how she was manipulating the conversation and the behaviors she was suggesting. My brother-in-law is currently enrolled at Harvard for grad school in psychology. He was able to help me voice where my discomfort was coming from. Needless to say, this woman plays God. she sets her clients up to depend on only her so she can keep collecting your money. She reminds me of the abuser in an abusive relationship. She isolates her clients by setting up unrealistic expectations so they believe all of their friends and family are toxic leaving them to only depend on her and her “support” phone calls. It makes me sad to think how many relationships she has poorly hurt. I began researching her to discover that her license has been effected for HIPPA violations, and sadly she didn’t learn her lesson… I witnessed this FIRST hand when my sister had confided in her with a private matter during an appointment session which later surfaced and negatively effected relationships and even trickled into my workplace. Gossip got around our community that was blown out of proportion. Save your money and sanity. Find a quality specialist with real credentials and possibly… good reviews.

Jenny Hansen – a year ago

I saw Jodi for years. She did more damage than good. I told her I suspected I had Asperger’s Syndrome and she flat out told me that I was wrong. Come to find out, I do. And as someone with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, I need counseling a little differently than others. If she had listened to me and been willing to work with me on getting a diagnosis, I could’ve saved a lot of pain and heartache.

Jenni Elyse – a year ago

I have listened to many of Jodi Hildebrandt’s podcasts, and her theories are based on nothingness, and operate upon a bait and hook philosophy of a commonality of shared experiences, with the hook being her own cure for redemption. Yes, she thinks she is the expert. She draws people in by sharing her own personal experiences, which are usually related to one of her 3 core principles: impeccable honesty, rigorous personal responsibility or humility. By sharing her own personal experiences, she always manages to get a few laughs. She has absolute theories of thought and considers everyone to live in some existence of guilt or shame. News Flash, I went the whole week without any feeling of Shame! Her absolutism is a constant theme with statements like this one: “It is not possible to have lived or live on this earth without a significant amount of faulty core beliefs”. Physician heal thyself. You have no right to categorize the human race into a lost and fallen state. Any therapy that separates a son away from his family is founded upon a wrecked philosophy of nothingness. When my son came to your for therapy, I sincerely tried to jump on your bandwagon, so that I could witness the light. For the life of me, I cannot make sense of your theories, your solutions and your topics. Why are there so many podcasts? Can the foils of the human psyche be dissected into that many pieces? Well, of course it can, if it is a business. Follow the money trail!

Anonymous – 2 years ago

I can’t believe this woman is even still in practice. I have never met anyone so manipulative and so projecting of their own issues. I have recently come to realize that several other people’s marriages all ended in a similar fashion while under her control. If you want to improve your relationship, I suggest you see literally anyone else.

Jacøb Daniel – 3 years ago

She is not a good person. I went to one of her ConneXion 101 classes because my wife has a friend who likes her, but after the class I looked her up and saw the review saying that her license was on probation. After that I called her and asked for a refund ($270 for the classes I wouldn’t be attending), because someone should not have to continue to pay a counselor for undelivered services when they learn that the counselor has acted illegally. She did not respond. I emailed her and their office, but they did not respond. I did the same thing two more times, and they still have not answered my emails and voicemails. I think I will have to get the police or attorneys involved to get my refund.

She is not a good person. Do not go to her. Of all the people I’ve met, she is the most like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She is not a moral or respectable person. Do not trust her in any circumstance.

Tom Blake – 4 years ago

SHE IS NOT WORTHY TO BE TRUSTED WITH YOUR MARRIAGE OR RELATIONSHIPS. My wife went to her counseling and classes, and the main result was that Ms. Hildebrandt brainwashed my wife that I had an addiction when I did not. My wife was so certain that I was hiding something as a result of this woman’s lies that we had to go to a honest counselor to help dispel this dishonesty that this woman had told my wife. DO NOT GO TO THIS WOMAN! Go to a specialist who is not a misandrist, who respects both members of the marriage, and does not spread so-called empowering lies.

David Webb – 4 years ago

Her license was on PROBATION in 2012 for illegally sharing client information. Go to someone whose license has not been on probation.

For reference, Google “Jodi Hildebrandt Probation”.

Henry McCoy – 4 years ago

I am very concerned with the unprofessional tactics used by this therapist. She was demanding and conclusory. Do your research on this professional and check references from both husband and wife. Her “treatment” is a slipperly slope of its own. If you have had a relatively strong and healthy marriage, stay away from her shame-based treatment.

Ross James – 6 years ago

I recently took a 6 week course of counseling the summer of 2013. Costing $600 per person. Jodi has remained consistent with treating me the same negative way as these pots have claimed, it IS TRUE! She has intentionally exposed very confidential information to 3rd party persons, even including my family information that was NOT to be shared! She does this for personal & monetary gain. For me personally, she created more problems then she did help. For example, she has amplified the horrible trust issues that I have struggled with which now will be harder to break but, with a real professionals help I have confidence. She is still in a tornado of tearing apart my family, details of which I won’t discuss, because it’s still on-going. I have been singled out in her groups, but, also purposely ignored when it benefited her to keep my mouth shut so I don’t come in between her lies & my family members in the course with me. She’s very unprofessional, has no tact nor integrity. SHE CANNOT BE TRUSTED! Between the comments on this site & you can also find more by googling her name with SLC Tribune. I do believe in counseling, but from a professional whose license is not under PROBATION & OBSERVATION. My advice is to do your homework and find someone with positive accreditation. This isn’t me trying to bad mouth her, this is just my personal experience. Good luck to you all!

Anonymous – 8 years ago

Do not be fooled by Jodi N. Hildebrandt. Her license is currently under probation and she is under supervision for breaking the law, engaging in unprofessional conduct, violating codes of ethics, and sharing PRIVATE patient information with multiple sources in order to pursue her money making agenda. Here’s a link to her latest offense. DO NOT TRUST THIS WOMAN WITH YOUR LIFE, MARRIAGE, HAPPINESS, OR MENTAL HEALTH!!!! OR anything else that could possibly matter to you.

Anonymous – 8 years ago

Several professionals and peers have serious concerns with Jodi Hildebrandt. She has been described as “combative” by her peers. Indeed, in our case where no pornography is involved, Jodi has drawn other erratic and erroneous relationship conclusions. Very unprofessional. One highly acclaimed professional informed me Jodi is one of two professionals that would never be recommended to others by their office.

Anonymous – 10 years ago