Empowering Self & Others through Honest Enabling

Enabling has multiple meanings. Enabling can be a positive experience for oneself and someone else, or it can be a destructive act towards self or others. Enabling can be used in a pro-active position or a reactive position. Dependent on my motive and my level of awareness, enabling can be used in either direction and therefore, it can create outcomes that are helpful and supportive or destructive and self-serving.
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Care-Taking vs. Care-Giving: The Crucial Conundrum

Care-taking is starkly and boldly different from Care-Giving. Care-taking goes in two directions as also does care-giving.

Care-Taking Behavior

When I am engaged in care-taking, I am doing one of two things: I am either taking responsibility for someone else or they are taking responsibility for me. That sounds good! That sounds loving and appropriate, right? The problem is that if we are taking responsibility for someone who is able and can take responsibility for themselves then we have just enabled them in the direction of their emotional, mental, physical etc. demise and are actively harming them. Care-taking is a pattern of behavior we engage in where we do for others which they can and are able to do for themselves. It is also a behavioral pattern where we allow people to do for us that which we can and are able to do for ourselves. This pattern leaves us with an unclear sense of ourselves and others—of who we are and who they are.
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