Internal & External Boundaries

Boundaries govern everything in our world and in the worlds of others. They are categorized in two types: External and Internal Boundaries. Some boundaries are created inside of us, and other boundaries manifest outside of us. These are called external boundaries. We have boundaries to protect ourselves from potential harm emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Boundaries support us to know and share what we think, feel, value, believe, understand and perceive.

External Boundaries: Any line, demarcation, rule or a parameter outside of ourselves. External boundaries include laws, social constraints or etiquette, public or private spaces, and many other things. External boundaries support me to understand more clearly where I end and another person begins.

Internal Boundaries: Internal boundaries affect and teach me about my internal experience and perceptions. Internal boundaries affect how I feel and what I choose. Internal boundaries are internal indicators of me and teach me and others about my morals, values, beliefs, standards and feelings. My internal boundaries include but are not limited to, my sexuality, time, intuitions, unfinished business, roles and interests.

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