It’s Here: The first ConneXions Classroom Workbook – Shame & Addiction

The new Shame & Addiction Cycle Workbook for ConneXions Classroom
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My first workbook has been printed and is now available for purchase!  It includes 98 pages of information and exercises about topics such as:

  1. The differences between shame and guilt
  2. How to recognize, address and become free from your shame
  3. How addictions work
  4. Why addictions trap us and why they are so powerful
  5. How to break the cycle of addiction
  6. and much more detailed information

Working and counseling with wonderful people is such a blessing.  As I’ve helped patients heal addictions and shame, I have learned effective and important tools.  This information is life-changing and I’m so excited to be able to offer it in a workbook format that’s cost-effective.  Writing this book was a challenge and a joy because I kept thinking about the wonderful people I know who will be benefited by the information.  My hope is that this healing information will spread like wildfire.  We all need to understand ourselves.  We are all human, and as such we all have some type of addiction or destructive behavior driven by shame.  We need effective tools to fight our daily battles and conquer our shame.

I will soon be releasing two DVDs to accompany this workbook.

I’m working on 10 additional workbooks and DVDs, covering topics such as

  • boundaries
  • co-dependency
  • The drama cycle
  • denial
  • forgiveness
  • principles of recovery

And more topics as well.

For now, call to order a copy:  (801) 874-7691
Soon, I’ll add the books to my website and you can purchase online.

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The Author

About the author: I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Utah. My work in addiction treatment has taught me that everybody can overcome addiction, destructive habits, and the shame that drives those things. The most important factors for healing are honesty, responsibility, and humility. When we learn how to provide these things for ourselves and for others, we become powerful and full of joy.


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