Sexuality & Connection


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In times of crisis, our attention is quickly and sharply focused on our loved ones.

As humans, we innately need connection with other people, and with God. Unfortunately, this innate need very often goes unfulfilled. Most of us have probably experienced loneliness and isolation, whether or not we allow others to see those feelings in us.

What causes us to disconnect from others, and what causes others to disconnect from us? Why, if we all need connection, is disconnection so prevalent? Each of us interprets our realities in different ways, and our perceptions can be filled with more or less truthfulness. Our choice of perceptions (though nearly always unconscious) determines our motives, or reasons for interacting with others. When our perceptions and our purposes for interacting are focused around only filling our own emotional needs, we end up feeling empty and unfulfilled, regardless of the quantity of interaction with others.

In contrast, when we take ownership of our perceptions and consciously “clean them up,” our motives behind our relationships automatically begin to change. We become capable of deeper concern and care for others; this is known as compassion. We become better able to connect with others as we genuinely desire to support them. As both people in a relationship engage this process of genuine love, true connection is the result. The emotional needs of both people are met as they both become responsible for themselves. By so doing, they become increasingly able to give, and increasingly able to appreciate & value that which they receive from others.

Perhaps paradoxically, nobody but ourselves is responsible for filling our need for connection to others. This course identifies true and false connection, explains why so many of us struggle to produce true connection, and provides examples and methods for fulfilling this responsibility to self.

Recognizing false connection is the first step to change, and it is a significant accomplishment because false connection is very surreptitious and subtle. This course focuses on why we must develop our abilities for true connection, how true connection looks and what its outcomes are, and specifically, what individual steps we must take to see our disconnection and develop true connections with others. By applying the principles in this course, you will begin a joyful and liberating process.


This course includes:

  • 7 video segments:
    1. Connection: Self, Others, God (5:14 LDS / 4:11 Non-Denominational)
    2. True vs False Connection (7:06)
    3. Feeling vs Being in Detail (10:58)
    4. Choice & Connection: Self-Assessment (4:40)
    5. Sexuality (1:46)
    6. Disconnection (5:46)
    7. Objectification vs Connection (3:52)
  • Total video run-time: approx. 40 minutes
  • Supplemental Diagrams & Materials
  • Written homework activities

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • What connection means
  • Why we need connection so deeply
  • Why we disconnect from one another
  • True vs false connection: what each looks like and how to recognize them, and ways to visualize them
  • Types of false connections
  • How we can create true connection – for example, utilizing forgiveness, honesty, validation & vulnerability
  • Attributes of false connection, such as shame, “eggshells,” emotional dishonesty, care-taking, etc.
  • How shame upholds false connection
  • Why we false connection is “effective” and why we engage in it, often unconsciously and mistakenly
  • How to recognize false connection
  • The outcomes of disconnection
  • How the ability for true connection positively affects our sexuality and sexual relationships
  • Strategies for changing false connections into true connections
  • Activities for self-assessment
  • The major principles underlying true connection:
    • Impeccable honesty
    • Rigorous responsibility
    • Humility
  • How to create peace and joy through responsibility and connection.


Course: Sexuality & Connection
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