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Everybody on the planet has felt fear—it is a human universal. Fear is nonetheless a difficult experience to understand and manage. Why do we have fear? How do we prevent it from dominating our lives, and how do we get out from under its influence? What it its purpose?

This course will help you understand your fears and their sources, and will help you manage them in truth and honesty.

Fear alerts us to possible danger. It prevents us from putting ourselves in harm’s way. For those reasons, when our fear is based in truth and reality, it is helpful and good. Whenever shame enters the situation, our fears become distorted—based on false premises. These fears are destructive and harmful. They bind us in a cycle of fear, preventing us from experiencing reality, maturing, and making wise decisions. Shame truly makes us slaves to fear.

Irrational fears usually find their basis in shame. That is good news, because it means that fear is yet one more area of our lives that will be healed as we heal our shame. It also means that fear is another window into our internal emotional world, and as we understand and address our fears, we can simultaneously heal our shame.

This course includes:

  • 8 video segments:
    1. The Foundations of Fear (LDS: 7:30 / Non-Denominational: 5:05)
    2. Dealing with Fears: Tangible & Intangible (8:13)
    3. The Fear Cycle (9:02)
    4. Fear Cycle – Example: College (10:50)
    5. Fear Cycle – Example: “Not Attractive” (11:02)
    6. Fear Cycle – Example: Criticism (7:29)
    7. Funnel of Fear (4:44)
    8. Fears: Rational vs Irrational (6:35)
  • Total video run-time: approx. 65 minutes
  • Written homework activities

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Where fear comes from – where it begins
  • How shame drives irrational fears
  • The difference between rational and irrational fears
  • Tangible vs Intangible fears
  • Why we each have unique fears – i.e. how meaning determines fears
  • The symptoms and cycle of shame-based fear
  • Questions and strategies to identify core fears and find your shame
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