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Co-dependency includes many different outward behaviors, but at its core, it is unhealthy attachment to people and/or things. This lecture will assist you to become attuned to co-dependency in your own relationships, with the goal of helping you to root it out. By analyzing this topic, you’ll be able to more quickly and accurately assess the reasons behind your choices. This powerful concept will also be helpful to those with loved ones who have addictions or other destructive behavioral patterns.

This course includes:

  • 8 video segments:
    1. Introduction: What is Co-Dependency?
    2. Co-Dependency is Selfish
    3. Faulty Connections
    4. Co-Dependent Relationships
    5. The Truth about Co-Dependency’s Lie
    6. Healthy Dependency
    7. Dependency Mismatch
    8. Healing in the Truth
  • Total video run-time: approx. 40 minutes (LDS), 35 minutes (Non-Denominational)
  • Written homework activities

This course discusses the following topics:

  • What is co-dependency? Why do we use it? How does it affect us?
  • Co-dependency is a selfish / self-serving behavior. It is created by not feeling that our needs are being met. It becomes present & gets acted out when we are in relationships with addicts. Co-dependency drives addictions forward.
  • We use our co-dependency to connect with our outside world & with others. Connecting with the world through the lens of co-dependency is unhealthy and not helpful.
  • How co-dependency acts out in relationships. It creates chaos and disconnection in relationships. This might be hard to detect, but it’s true.
  • Why / how co-dependent people are hurtful to themselves and others.
  • Learning how to heal co-dependent relationships.
  • What does a healthy relationship look like? How do we create healthy relationships?
  • Why both people in a relationship must heal, if co-dependency is present.
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