Choice & Responsibility


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This lecture strikes at the heart of all self-destructive behaviors. This series powerfully demonstrates the importance of consciously making decisions. Jodi explains that all people have choice and that everybody can change their self-destructive choices.

This course includes:

  • 7 video segments:
    1. How Choice Works: General Information & Examples
    2. Why Choosing Rightly is Important
    3. Consequences: Inevitable
    4. Cycles of Choice & Accountability
    5. Choice, Guilt, & Shame
    6. A Framework for Making Choices
    7. The Power of our Choices
  • Total video run-time: approx. 45 minutes (LDS version), 40 minutes (Non-Denominational version)
  • Written homework activities

This course discusses the following topics:

  1. Why is it important to choose?
  2. Why is choice such an important concept?
  3. How can I recognize consequences after I choose?
  4. How choice (agency) connects to consequences / outcomes
  5. Cycle of choice: how this creates power in my life & how I lose power
  6. Accountability
  7. How choice can lead to guilt (remorse) or to shame(“I’m bad”). These results are outcomes of your choices.
  8. Becoming clear about our choices & why we choose the way we do
  9. Choice is power. Choice can heal traumas from the past and present.
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