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Healing Shame Heals Addiction

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Personal engagement is important in your emotional recovery process. Some things just can’t be learned effectively from a book. That’s why our healing courses are built around engaging video. Video lectures, role-plays, diagrams, charts and images create a rich learning environment to help you internalize and remember the principles you learn.

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Overcome your addictions and destructive behaviors with our customized workbooks. Workbooks provide structure and a “roadmap” to recovery. Learn the principles you need, and practice them immediately with the exercises in each chapter. As you complete each workbook, you will practice the key principles of honesty, responsibility and humility. You will have opportunities to see from new perspectives, mend relationships, and learn how to accept yourself and others.

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You need the support of real people who understand your situation and have been through similar experiences. Build sponsor relationships and deep connections with others who will hold you accountable and help you when you’re weak. As you succeed in your recovery, you’ll have the privilege of helping others into recovery as well. Live group classes are open for new students. Call for our schedule.

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Professional Counseling

Face time is important. In addition to our educational services, we also offer professional counseling services for individuals, families and groups. Get the support of an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate counselor who will guide you through your personal journey to peace and happiness.

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Speaking Engagements & Training

Bring Jodi to your employees, students, family, church or other group. Get the training and information your group needs, precisely tailored for them, so they can live and interact in more healthy ways. Jodi frequently performs corporate seminars, training events, conference addresses and other speaking engagements. Discounted group rates apply. Call for details.

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