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What is Shame?

Listen to the voice of shame as it speaks to various people.  Find out how shame speaks lies to you.

Connections Classroom

Hi folks!  Jodi Hildebrandt’s new videos are up and running!  Just visit to see the samples and get access to a huge library of materials to assist you as you heal shame, deepen relationships, and establish great habits.  Even more videos and materials are on their way.  More details will be forthcoming.

Protect your family online

The threat of Internet pornography has become a veritable tidal wave.  As the Internet becomes ever-more pervasive, it is the responsibility of every parent to protect their family from the many dangers online, such as pornography and exploitation. Even though most of us do not have the time to become computer experts, we are still responsible to secure our homes (and therefore computers) against these types of threats.  As a technologist and a concerned person, I want to suggest some tools I’ve used for years and found very helpful. Some of them are suitable for the tech-savvy, while others are great for everybody.  Most of these are not very well-known, which is why I bring them up here.
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